order amoxil My name is Andy, I am not an athlete or scholar. I am a husband, father and Firefighter.

robaxin 750 mg ingredients In 2015 I completed my first full Ironman, Ironman Wales. Was It fun? At the time No! After? Much the same answer. Now? Yes, here is the point I feel compelled to insert the usual caliche of it comes second to Wedding, birth of child and any other important moment in life. But it’s not the case. It was twelve months of personal and social neglect. I neglected my marriage and to a certain degree my parental responsibilities. Simple thing that looking back make me realise how lucky I was to have the wife I do. I would eat then go and train, she would clean the dishes after feeding the family and make the home nice. Now I am not a misogynist but my actions would depict me as one. I was just someone with a goal, a target that I had set in my sights. Shopping was planned around my training, I would be up at the crack of dawn out on the bike for hours, come home for work go for a swim or for a run. I was selfish all I wanted was to train and convinced myself that this would get me fit and I would be an Ironman. Bollocks!!!! yes I got fitter but that’s just coincidental. Do enough and your base fitness improves. Why wouldn’t it?

click here So why this blog? Here it comes……………………………………. Wait for it………………………………………….

I am doing Ironman 2017, Notice wales isn’t in there at the moment well that’s because they haven’t released the date or even if they are doing it. Why wales again? I want to beat my time so I want to be able to compare apples for apples when I reach the end. The way my mind works (I’m not a psychologist either) I need focus and goals and they need to be measurable. So completing the same event seems logical. LOGICAL? What part of doing an Ironman is logical? I don’t need to do it! I don’t have to do it I just want to do it.

So please feel free to join me on this my year of training. I’m not a blogger, I was rubbish at English in school so please don’t give me a hard time for the grammar or use of the strange symbols apparently comers and such like. I will try to make it interesting to read. If you feel compelled to make comment or even just poke fun at my spelling, then feel free. I am not big into social media this is just a venting aid.