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At the moment training isn’t going to well. I’m finding it hard to get into a decent rhythm of what I should be doing. I have so many things buzzing around my head of stuff I want to or need to do. The reality of this is I end up doing nothing because of being overwhelmed by what I need to do. But I think I’ve hit a break through. It’s quite simple, I’ve decided to start using the Apple Filofax I carry around with me every minute of every day. I have spent time putting everything I need to do into my reminders. My head is starting to feel freer to start thinking g about work and training goals. 
Training goals this week were more distance than frequency. Twice over the past couple of weeks I’ve been duped into going further than I intended. Let’s start with a small ride. Following the setting up of a whatsapp group rides from my station are becoming a regular thing. Only problem is that I am either working or somewhere else when they are decided. This time I was off and could get along. I acknowledge that I would be going so there was the social commitment. No backing out of this one. The morning arrived I loaded up the car and headed off. Ten minutes later I was back at the house picking up the track pump I had said I would bring. Trig who because of his less than delicate or just hand fisted touch had destroyed his. I dare say many efforts on his part would have been made to get it to work but if a plea call for mine was made he obviously failed. I arrived late four fellow idiots were stood on parade awaiting my arrival. Theme the dance begins. Trying to unload the bike off the roof without a step ladder is the first hurdle. Actually if it was a hurdle I could just run underneath it due to my vertically challenged stature. Trig comes over we exchange the usual greetings a quick hello followed by some friendly abuse. That finished I hand over the track pump and he sets to inflating his tyres. I’m still getting ready at this point and he asks if mine need doing, “better had just in case” kind of glad I bought the pump at this point as he announced the 60 bar of pressure they had. Forcing another 40 bar into them they were now hard enough for my liking. Car locked we headed off. As is written in cycling law I set the garmin to record as we all know if it ain’t on the strava it never happened.
We hit some main roads, passed over a couple of big roundabouts. Apparently whilst riding on a roundabout in a fluorescent yellow top you become invisible to the average driver. We continued along to some smaller villages all chatting away oblivious to the miles ticking over. We picked up the cycle and took some easy miles along the Dee. For years I worked just by this path but never travelled in the direction we took. We carried on away from Chester again at a non to shabby pace. Thank goodness I put some glasses on and kept my south shut. Midges millions of the bloody things and when your moving at a reasonable pace the feeling of exploding bugs hitting your face makes you feel alive in the morning. The cafe stop happened and a guilt free bacon sandwich was had. We got back in the saddle and headed back the way we came. 6 miles from the end my legs fell off. It’s always demoralising when you start dropping off the back. But as any good cycling group should be they pull you through kicking an screaming. I. The end we finished on 53 miles. Not bad after 6 weeks off the bike. But I did need some padding to sit down for the week. 
Guilted into 2 more miles
Long run day was decided. 3 of us headed out on a bright Monday afternoon. I wasn’t really feeling the love for a run but as I suggested it I thought I should go. Off we headed taking in the views we are fortunate to have around us. Everyone giving their stories of running achievements me giving my running fails to even the balance. The pace was good. No heart rate monitor on for this one. I’m starting to think that I will run to pace because if I think about my heart rate it jumps up. We got back into town and my Garmin was telling me I had done 8. All at a 10 minute mile pace I felt happy with my effort. Roy dropped off home and I had bargained with Rich I would get 9 miles in and call it a day. As 9 approached Rich used his passive aggressive reasoning stating “it’s only one more you’ll kick yourself if you don’t” 10 miles completed I took time to stretch off for a good twenty minutes after. I’m glad I did. Being able to walk the next day is a welcomed relief. 
So a couple of big outings this time round. Unfortunately the car needed new tyres so that put my new trainers on hold this month. 
Why do I Train?

So I can go that extra mile when needed.