What is PMP® – Project Management Professional | A Complete Overview

What is PMP?

What is PMP®? You are here as you just have heard about PMP®, or you know a little already but have some questions in mind like who is eligible, what is credibility and why everybody is rushing around it….

Project Management Techniques | Every PM Should Excel On

project management tools and techniques

Project Management Techniques | Step by Step Before jump into details for Project Management Techniques & Tools let us do a little review to understand things better. Project: A project is a dedicated unique asset where the organizational…

Practical Approach to Handle Change Orders for Projects

Change Management.

What is a Change Order? Any change in the initial contractual scope agreed by each relevant party including Client & Contractor that is hitting any major attribute of the project (scope, cost & schedule) is known as Change…



Triple Constraints of Project Management Triple Constraint is a model of constraints of a project. These are areas where changes are typically introduces into a project. Balancing of these constraints through change control process is the key of…

Project Portfolio Management | Why & How?

project portfolio management

Project Portfolio Management Project Portfolio Management is just a “Bird Eye View” over all the projects and portfolios related to an organization. Bob Buttrick, came up with simpler definition:   Directing the individual project correctly will ensure it…

Planning Engineer | Roles & Responsibilities

Palnning Engineer

Planning Engineer – Construction Projects Planning Engineer is considered the right-hand of a Project Manager as he floats the information about project times and allocated budget time to time. Project Manager uses that information to take a decision…