Cost and Manpower Loading in Primavera P6

Resource loading in Primavera P6 is a time taking process. Normally, clients prefer to get logic part first then they will ask you to load resources including Cost, Manhours, and Quantities.

Recently, I was deputed where the logic part was finalized but resource part was to submit in 3 days only 🙂

It’s a high-rise building of 40 storeys, mind you.

I used here some short cut techniques that may help anybody any day.

Make sure to read till the end then suggest if this is OK to go!

I have divided this into two parts, Cost and Manhours loading

Files: Download files I used from this link 

Note: This method is best for Tendering schedule otherwise.

Cost Loading from BOQ

Following steps were performed to load cost from BOQ

Step – 1: Below snap of a Demo plan without Budgeted Cost and Budgeted Units

A primavera p6 plan without Budgeted Cost and Budgeted Units

Step -2: Let’s add a materials resouce

Making a Resource for BOQ Cost Loading

Step -3: Put Price/Unit, Default Units/Time & Max Units/Time = 1

Put 1 in all three boxes appear next

Step -4: Apply this resource to all activities. Holding a shift key

Apply BOQ Cost Resources to all the activities in the plan - Milestones are exception

Step -5: This is a just Demo BOQ from we will upload the cost

Demo BOQ for Cost Loading

Step -6: After that, I filter the same type of activities in all areas and divided cost from BOQ to that number. Like here, I have 3 activities for hardscaping and I divided 12000 $ by 3 and put this value to the program by a global change as below

Global change for BOQ Cost Loading in Primavera P6

Step -7: Review the global change and click Commit Changes

Global change for BOQ Cost Loading in Primavera P6 Confirmation List

Step -8: We got the value as you can see, Apply this to the rest of the activities by following the same global change method. Like here do it for Structure and Finishing.

Cost Changed as Per BOQ

Step -9: Make sure to apply below global change or else your cost may not Export to other machines – Thanks to Korai from Planning Team for helping here

Must to have a Global change after cost loading via this BOQ Method

Step -10: Now, if you see Budgeted Cost is not equal to Budgeted Units, You can skip this but better to make everything align.

This is to make budgeted Units equal to Budgeted Cost

Step -11: Make below global change to equalize

This is to make budgeted Units equal to Budgeted Cost.

Step -12: After all this, copy this project and also make an MS Excel export for Resources as below;

This is how you import resources from Primavera P6 to MS Excel

Make a filter like below;

This is how you make filte to import cost from Primavera P6 to MS Excel

Click next and save that MS Excel export at an appropiate location.

Manhours Loading from Cost

Once cost loading is done then you can go for manhours. See below steps

Step – 1:  Same way, make a Labor resourceResource Loading for Manhors

Step – 2: Select, labor and click next

Resource Loading for Manhors - Make a Labor Resource

Step – 3: Put value = 1 in each box

Put 1 in all the boxes

Step – 4: Apply this to all as we have done in the cost loading section

Apply this Labor resource to all the activities in the plan as we did for cost loading

Step – 5: Our goal is to get Budgeted Units for Manhours equal to that of Budgeted cost or Budgeted units of BOQ Cost Resource

Step – 6:  Apply the below filter and export at an appropriate location

Filter for manpower and cost loading at the same time

Step – 7:  Open both Excel sheets we have exported till now. Apply, VLOOKUP formula in the latest sheet at as in below snip. It will get the same values for Manhour resource

MS Excel Export from Primavera P6 and apply vlookup here

Step – 8:  Values we will get from Cost Loading Excel sheet

Vlookup formula for resource loading through primavera p6

Step – 9: Once you apply vlookup then copy all the value from the column where we applied vlookup and paste as it is in all the other column as you can see below. make sure it should be as text as Primavera P6 reads in text. save and Close this sheet.

Paste the values you will receive after vlookup formula is excel

Step – 10: Import the above sheet where we put the same values to the program. This process is simple, you just need to go to  File>Import>Spreadsheet>Next>Locate the Sheet>Check boxes and Finish.

After Vlookup cost got double

Step – 11: Now, the cost values got doubled. Remove the cost from labor by applying below Global Change

Make labor cost is equal to zero in a global change to remove extra cost

Step – 12: Here, I just assumed the manpower required is 10% of the total cost. This is just my assumption from previous projects from the same firm. You can have as per your experience and it may vary to project types.

Make Labor units 10% of the total cost

Step – 13: This is final I got from all this process.

Finally we got manhors and cost. All is done by extensive global changes. This is something new for me.

Wrap Up

This cost was further refined as per floors in a meeting with Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, and other stakeholders. Same way, manhours were adjusted after meeting the site team.

All in all, the refinement was not time taking as it was just a matter of typing.

S Curves were generated and the program is with the management.

One Small Request:

Being a Project Management guy, I know how little time we have to play around on the internet. But if you have found this information useful then please share it to your colleague so that more people can get benefit from it. If you have any question then comment below and I am glad to take it.

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