Project Management Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle and Project Management Life Cycle Pro-tip: Project Life Cycle can be different for any given project while the Project Management Life Cycle is the same every on. Most of PMP (Project Management Professionals) aspirants get confused with these terms when they are preparing for the exam.

Analogous Estimating Vs Parametric Estimating

Analogous and Parametric Estimation As a thumb rule, the major difference between Analogous and Parametric Estimation is mathematical operations. Like, in parametric we do more calculation while analogous is just an expert opinion like. PMP, CAPM and other project management related certifications are always having some portion

Agile Approach in Construction Industry

What is an Agile Approach, Agile Pitfalls in Construction Industry? This is an extensive article to discuss all agile approach in both software and construction industry. Agile has a proven record in software development kind project but in Capital Construction it yet to mark its significance. Let’s