Primavera P6 Download & Install

To download and install Primavera P6  was never that easy as nowadays. By following these steps, you can get a free copy legally from the Official Oracle website. I have divided all into simple steps with a pictorial view to making it more comfortable.

In the first part, it’s all about Primavera P6 Downloading & second part is for its installation.

This is a genuine primavera p6 program and no patch or cracks stuff kinda. It’s a free and legal way to download and install primavera p6 professional standalone. Also, Students who cannot afford and trainers can get maximum benefits from this opportunity.

Primavera P6 is the most powerful tool for Project Management globally.

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Primavera P6 Download | Step by Step

Please follow the below steps & if you find any difficulty, then please let me know in comments

Step -1: Go to Official Site here  Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Go to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud for Primavera P6 Download & Install

Step -2: Sign in or Sign up if you don’t have an account already. Don’t worry, this is very simple & smooth to go.

Login or Signup to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Step -3: Once you are in then you will be prompted to that window

Search appropriate Primavera P6 Package at Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Step -4: Now select “Download Package” from All Categories & search for “Primavera P6 Professional Project Management” as shown below

Search appropriate Primavera P6 Package at Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and Add to cart

Step -5: Select “Download Package” from the “All Categories” tab. Now search for Primavera P6 Professional Project Management there. Here select the latest product or else as per your requirements.

Select all the available files at Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Step -6: Once you select your required package then hit the Cart.

Click at Cart and Check out

Step -7: Select the Platform as per your requirements again and hit continue.

Select the appropriate version for your machine. Mac for Apple users or windows like windows 10

Step -8: You need to read & accept the terms & conditions to proceed further carefully.

Read and Accept the agreement or it will not allow you to download primavera p6 legally

Step -9: You will be prompted for feedback. Make sure to participate but it’s not mandatory for download.

Give your feedback or you can skip it

Step -10: Select & save wherever you wanted to in your system.

Download will start and save it at any appropriate location at your machine

Congratulation! You have successfully downloaded Primavera P6 Latest Version for free and legally.

Installation of Primavera P6 | Step by Step

I hope you have successfully downloaded Primavera P6. Now let see simple steps to get its installation

Step-1: Locate the file in your machine and extract it

Unzip the saved file with winzip or winrar


Step-2: Open the extracted file and click at Setup

Click on the setup


Step-3: You will be prompted to below windows. Choose “Typical” one and hit OK

Choose typical

Step-4: Next, Click “Install”

Click on installStep-5: Check box “Run Database Configuration” and hit OK

Check data base configurationStep-6: Now from drop-down select  “P6 Pro Standalone (SQLite)” and hit Next

Select Oracle, i prefer to use Oracle. You can choose Microsoft SQL Server

Step-7: Check “Add a new standalone database and connection” and hit Next

Click at add a new database

Step-8: Here, you can put login name, Personal name, and passwords as per will but prefer to put admin in each of these cells. Leave Base Currency section it is. Hit Next

Use admin in all boxes. password also admin for easy use

Step-9: Check “Load Sample Data” if you need to have some sample projects to practice on or else leave uncheck. Hit Next

Let the system choose any appropriate position or choose by yourself. then check Load sample data for practice on.

Step-10: Click “Finish” and it’s all done!Connection Successful!! in Database Configuration. Hit Finish

Step-11: To load Primavera P6, go to your computer Search bar and type P6 and you will see like in the image below.

Search P6 in search bar and open Primavera P6


Open the software and you will be promoted to Select appropriate industry. To select it to go to “Admin Preferences” and on the left bottom of it, you will see the Industry tab. Click it and check the desired field.

In this way, you can download the Latest and Genuine primavera p6 profession. Currently, P6 Version 18 is the latest one.

Congratulations! You are now good to go. Play with sample data or make your own plans.

If you face any difficulty then comment. You will get the solution ASAP.

Note: As per Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions you read and accepted a trial period is for 30 days. But if you want to this for beyond this period you need to purchase any appropriate license.

~Happy P6 Journey & Learning~

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Video Illustrations:

If you like video illustration of this process the watch it here Download and Install Primavera P6 || Free and Genuine Copy

FAQ About Primavera

Is Primavera P6 is free?
Yes, it is free. But only Primavera P6 Professional – PPM standalone for a single machine user for one month.
What is the cost of Primavera P6 Scheduling Software?
Primavera p6 cost is 2500$. You can see more products, primavera p6 license cost and versions at official site Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Software – P6 PRO is also available at other online purchasing platforms. Keep in mind, Primavera P6 professional PPM standalone setup is free of cost for one month to evaluate the product for the customers.
How to get Primavera P6 Free Download?
Yes, it is free. But only Primavera P6 Professional – PPM standalone for a single machine user for one month.
May I download primavera p6 from torrent?
Primavera P6 Torrent is available but if Primavera P6 Download is available free and legally then why to go for that illegal stuff?
Primavera P6 is 32-Bit or 64-Bit?
It is available in both 32 & 64 Bit versions. It is also available for Windows, Macbook, or other operating systems. The standalone free version is available in all above-said scenarios for free.
How to get Primavera Student Version?
Students can get a free copy of Primavera P6 standalone for their personal use.  Or if you are a trainer then you can have it for one month free of charge. It’s a cost-effective method. If you are a student then just download a standalone, do experiments, learn it thoroughly. It is totally free for a month for evaluation from Oracle Cooperations.
Is Primavera (software) is same like MS Project?
Both a scheduling software. You can read my detailed comparison between both here P6 vs MS Project.


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  1. Thank you very much. Project Management is always fascinating if done practically. This read helped me to learn new stuff. Keep posting nice stuff. Now, I can download Primavera P6 & install easily.

    1. Dear Mamush Kifle
      Please go through the steps to download and install Primavera P6. If you feel any difficulty then please let it to know. we are here to help you.

  2. Thank you so much, had never attempted this installation because I had always thought that it requires expert knowledge. Your instructions were so clear and the procedure was just a walk in the park

  3. you have mentioned that its not for commercial use kindly explain, i want to use it to plan my projects for the industry does it will help

    1. Yes, you can free to use without any doubt. This is genuine Primavera P6 copy that you have downloaded from Official Oracle website.
      This offers a standalone installation which work on a single machine(computer,laptop) but if your origination needs to add multi-users like server based application then commercial license is required.
      Mostly big firms use commercial primavera p6 license then they give different privilege to different users to make updates in programs. But in standalone only one user/admin can be entertained.
      Hope it helps…..

  4. when I left the P6 program and try to log in again, it remind me all the time “Invalid login name or password. Please try again or choose Cancel to exit the application.” i am quite sure the user name and passwords is “admin”~~

      1. thanks for the share but i cant run the program, it says “You are not authorized to run the application. Please contact your administrator.” any suggestions?

        1. I hope you have Administrative rights to install a program or any software at your computer/laptop. If so then you need to take permission or Right Click to run as an administrator.
          Still, any issue, ping me and I will try to resolve via team viewer or any desk remotely.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply.

            I do and it still not working for me. I follow the steps but cant login the app.

    1. Dear Maharaja

      It is a free version, not the trial one. It is for a lifetime. Use it and don’t worry about patch/crack like stuff.


  5. Hi
    When i goto install Primavera P6 i m getting this error.
    “The operation you requested failed with status code-2147019796”
    Please help me to come out of this issue…..Thank you

    1. Hi Shivakumar Patil, make sure t=you have administrative right to install in your machine. Also please have a check if you have downloaded the version according to your operating systems like 32-Bit, 64-Bit or for Macbook. If the issue still persists then write back to me, I will try to help more. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Goshgar Muradkhanov

    I done all of them that you wrote. But at the final step poped-up this message “Unable to connect to the database” Please help me for this problem. Thanks

    1. Well in this you may not have admin privileges for your machine. You must have admin privileges to start the Oracle database. If you have all this already then Restart your Oracle Database. See where you have installed. Sometimes restarting the machine helps. If the issue still persists, write me back. I am glad to help you.

  7. Hello,
    I have downloaded the installation file and while configuring the data base the system displays and error message as” PPMDBSQlite.db” doesn’t exist and I’m unable to open p6 .

    1. Your database file is missing there.
      Follow the below steps for New SQLite Database in Primavera P6 Professional
      1. At the login page, click on Database
      2. Now click on Add button
      3. From Driver type, scroll down to bottom
      4. Select P6 Pro Standalone (SQLite) & Click Next
      5. Check the second box stating add new standalone database and connection
      6. In File, Name field change the name PPMDBSQLite_New.db
      7. Click Next and open this database

      If still, you face any issue, ping me again. I am glad to help.

  8. Muhammad Atif Khan

    Dear Team Project / Author,
    Thank you very much for the detailed step by step installation guide. You guys have done a good job and I appreciate it highly. It is a relief to have a stand alone P6 on my machine.

  9. Just to be clear, Primavera P6 is not free as you state in your tutorial. When user’s download the software, they much check and agree to use the software only for 30 days. As awareness to everyone, please read Oracle’s terms and ensure you know what you are agreeing to.

  10. Thank for this write-up and finally, I got Primavera P6 Downloaded & Installed like an expert. Damn easy now

  11. It’s a walk on the park really was not expecting that easy. Video effort is great. Please write more about tricks if you can manage.

  12. this is very helpful
    but i wanted to ask if this is cracked version?
    2nd question is it a trial version?

  13. this is very helpful
    but i wanted to ask if this is a trial version and will expire in 14 days or 1 month?

    1. Thank you, Salman, It is a trial version and according to Oracle terms and conditions that you have accepted while downloading is that you can use it for free and you need to buy after 30 days. Although it will not expire or send you any notification.

  14. It is just a walk in the park. I thought only programmers or the Database experts can do. Thank you for your insight on Primavera P6. Will share with others too.

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