5 Points to Consider Before Procuring Construction Works

Construction works are really lengthy, money consuming and hard process. A lot of different types of works needs to be done before and after starting the construction process. A project manager needs to keep an eye from the very beginning of the construction process and implement own merit to tackle the hardest problems. Sometimes a higher degree related to project management may be necessary to understand the problems and have the solution. For example, a project manager in the United States of America may need to have a Professional Engineering degree and in other countries may need a Master in Business Administration degree. The qualification differs from country to country, organization to organization.

But as you are going to procuring construction works, you need to know some basics and needs to follow the procuring principles. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 things you need to consider before starting the procurement of construction works.

  • Is Design Ready?

To implement any construction works you need the specific design. Make sure that your design is ready. Without having a clear and understandable design your procurement is vague and the bidder will not get proper documentation to quote the rate.

  • Is Specification Ready?

As you are heading towards construction work, you need to focus on which material are you going to use? Prices of materials vary as well as quality also. You need to chose the best materials i.e. sand, stone, cement and others that fit your desired quality. To meet the quality you need to fix the specification of each material. Before procuring, ask yourself are your construction specification really ready to meet the desired quality of works? If the answer is no, re-check and ensure all of the specifications meets your desired quality

  • Construction Properly Planned?

There are several methods of construction. You can follow any methodology that fits your construction work. So, before procuring make sure which methods you are going to use. For example, you can use bamboo shutter or steel shutter for concreting. Make sure which kind you are really going to use?

  • Safety, Safety, Safety

Construction work is a really dangerous on-site job. So, you need to ensure proper safety for all of the employees. How much you are going to spend to take safety precautions? Before moving to the procurement of work you need to know how are you ensuring safety to all who are going to work in that project.

  • Local Laws

Before moving to the procurement of construction work, you need to know the local construction laws. For example, you may need to have to read the local labour laws, construction laws, safety laws, design laws etc. Do not forget to follow the laws, regulations of the local authority or government.

There are several other things you may need to keep an eye before and after starting the construction works. As a project manager, you need to follow a checklist that will describe everything you are in need of in every phase of the construction. A checklist may ease your all hard and tough tasks by reminding you of the duties you have as a project manager.


Author’s Bio

Khaled Syfullah is a passionate writer in the field of Civil Engineering. He is now working as a procurement manager in Japan. He has 07 years of professional experience in the construction field.


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