Project Management Office

A Project Management Office commonly known as PMO is a department or you can say an office within an organization that basically defines and maintains standards for project management within the serving organization.

Nowadays, the Project Management Office (PMO) has proven its worth in organizations dealing with a number of projects at the same time. But if the organization is small then it is just a liability.

“At the end of the day, PMOs are in place to help organizations deliver value to their stakeholders” Brian Weiss – VP, practitioner career development of the Project Management Institute – PMI

Why a Project Management Office?

Every large organization has a PMO or planning to acquire in the near future. In 2000, nearly 47% of the large organizations have PMO and that number increased to 87% in 2012 – Surveyed by PM Solutions

The question is why every organization is going for PMO – Answer is simple it helps to grow & maintain the business of serving the organization.

Every organization needs to have archives of all the processes, methods, conflicts, risks register, lesson learned that helps to take decisions for successful completion of projects – A PMO does that job efficiently. This dedicated department provides necessary due support the Senior Management & Project Managers to concentrate on their jobs.

Who is in the Project Management Office?

Project Management Office (PMO) consists of multi-skill project management executive staff. The professional are Project/Program manager, schedulers, planners, controllers, coordinators, etc.

This team works in an integrated way to handle PMO jobs and to the better interest to achieve organization objectives.

Project Management Director – PMD is the highest authority guy in any PMO and accountable for its success or failure. PMD has authority equal to VP or any high-level functional manager.

Roles & Responsibilities | Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) roles and responsibilities depend on the size of any organization and how may projects & programs organization be dealing with at the very moment.

Project Management Office tracks all the projects, programs at a bigger picture and maintain the records. PMO task structure changes from company to company but the overall scenario remains the same that is to ease of task of higher Management and of Project team in every possible manner.

Let’s enlist in details all the stuff PMO normally do for any organization generally;

  • Conflict Management: The reason I put it on first is that it works as a mediator in the most crucial factor when managing stakeholders for the better interest of the project. Experts in PMO should be experienced enough to deal with conflict for win-win if any escalated to them. It will ease the pain of higher management ultimately- a big factor
  • Project Portfolio Management: Portfolio management is the key to achieve objective cross-functional organization. It will help for decision making if to bid a project or put extra resources in any project or even to reduce resources at any project to optimize them on a different project. To avoid resources conflict is the major task to be done by PMO anywhere. Tracking through project portfolio management helps to get optimal results with minimum resources.
  • Training & Coaching: PMO job is to check all the forecast scenarios and get train own staff rather hiring a skilled person from outside to fill the gaps. Training should also be done at ongoing projects. Outside trainers can be hired if necessary.
  • Lesson Learned: PMO should record the lesson learned from projects throughout the project phase. Lesson Learned is a big help to make decisions for future projects as well as ongoing projects at any phase.
  • Tools & Techniques: PMO is the one should decide to implement different tools, software, techniques and standard to get homogenized results all over. This will help get transparency and reliability in data ultimately.

Wrap Up

Project management Office is the best for big organizations running multiple projects or programs in the long run as it helps in so many ways. But if your organization can’t afford and have a very few projects then it is just a liability.

One Small Request:

Being a Project Management guy, I know how little time we have to play around on the internet. But if you have found this information useful then please share it to your colleague so that more people can get benefit from it. If you have any question then comment below and I am glad to take it.

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