Quiz # 30

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What are contingency reserve funds used for?


Which of the following documents is an output of the plan risk management process?


Which of the following terms defines the degree, amount, or volume of risk that an organization or individual will withstand?


Which of the following is the graphical representation of a situation showing casual influences, time ordering of events, and other relationships among variables and outcomes?


Which of the following risk identification techniques is described in the statement below?

"It is used to gather information where participants don't know each other nor do they have to be present at the same location."


Which of the following information gathering techniques of the Identify Risks process is based on a set of hypotheses or scenarios?


Which of the following is not a part of identify risks process?


Which of the following processes quantifies the aggregate risk exposure for the project by assigning numeric probabilities to risks and their impacts on project objectives?


Which of the following information gathering techniques is described in the statement below?

"Project risk experts participate in this technique anonymously. A facilitator uses a questionnaire to solicit ideas about the important project risks. The responses are summarized and then re-circulated to the experts for further comment."


Which of the following tools and techniques of Plan Procurement Management is used to determine whether it's more cost effective to buy the products and services or more cost effective for the organization to produce the goods and services needed for the project?

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